R M   F R A N C I S

Photo by Patricia Wolf

thanks for coming last night
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can you start 14
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where is Jack
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thanks for coming out tonight
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Siri again, thanks for coming music!

Hi everyone
happy new year
thanks for coming out tonight
when you get a really great program and I hope you enjoying
first I like to get a few quick
shower else of the knowledge mints Jew and canyon I like to write numbers of the 14 12 o'clock to help facilitate tonight and I did James Watkins for work in the door
Jason Anderson for making custom number very thrilled to present Suzuki entitled hundred and the special stereo version of that she created for the siccation.
Calories a composer an instrument dollars from siliceous Seattle who is now in the Bay Area. After that we have a buyer for the city.
Where's Jack? And I handed percentage Jeriah projects and Jeff with your silly. Again thanks for coming and joining music.

Hi, everyone. Happy new year! Thanks for coming out tonight. We've got a really great program that I hope you'll enjoy. First I'd like to give a few quick shout-outs and acknowledgments to Blake DeGraw and Noel Kennon, a member of the 1412 collective, for helping to facilitate tonight's event. To James Watkins for working the door. Also Jason Anderson for making the poster. I'm very thrilled to present a composition by Kaori Suzuki entitled Conduit, in a special stereo version that she created for this occasion. Kaori is a composer and instrument builder, formerly of Seattle, who's now based in the Bay Area. After that we have two live performances form our visiting artists: Jack Callahan, presenting his die Reihe project, and Jeff Witscher. So again, thanks for coming, and enjoy the music!

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music works IMPLICITLY so that IT DOESN’T risk presenting a concrete concept. it is “BEYOND” interpretation. translation DESTABILIZES THE feedback BETWEEN sound AND the listener. THE QUESTION OF how FUTURE AUDIENCES will interpret acoustic EVENTS PROVIDES THE artist WITH A FRAMEWORK TO TRACE. that said, visual elements must always be considered.